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And, you are there providing a home

Can you imagine a young homeless pregnant woman, frightened and unemployed who has nowhere else to turn?    She is on the brink of making one of the biggest decisions of her life.    

Thanks to you, Malta House provides a place where this frightened woman can turn to choose life for her unborn child.

And, it is the only maternity group home for pregnant women over the age of 18 in Fairfield County.

What you may not know is that Malta House cannot survive without you. 

Malta House is almost 100% dependent upon the generosity of individuals like you.  Without you, Malta House would just not exist for these women and their children.

Can we count on you to be there for that next woman on the brink of making her biggest life decision?

Donate today and help provide a place for a child to be born.

We welcome your help in providing Hope for Life as our Malta House family continues to grow.