The vision for Malta House came almost 20 years ago when a young father learned that there was “no room at the inn” for many pregnant women in Fairfield County, who chose life for their unborn. These vulnerable young families often found themselves living on the street or in sub-standard conditions.

After many years of hard work and prayers by many people faithful to its mission, and through many miracles, Malta House opened its doors to offer food and shelter, and also to give hope for the future. Hundreds of mothers and their children have walked through these doors seeking a new vision and direction for their life. Malta House continues to change hearts, lives and our community.


Malta House promotes the dignity of God-given life by providing a nurturing home environment, support services and independent living skills to pregnant and parenting mothers of all faiths and their children.

Mothers at Malta House receive on-site counseling, financial education, parental development followed by transitional and post-residential support.


The initial leadership and start-up funding came from members in the Order of Malta, Good Counsel, Inc, and others. Malta House opened its doors in 1998 as an independent 501c3 charitable organization. Today, the mission of Malta House benefits from its broad community of support – both financially and through the efforts of volunteers. We serve women who are marginalized by society and who are in the need of the programs and services we offer.


When a mother comes to Malta House, she has chosen life – not just for her child, but for herself as well. She comes to us when she is most vulnerable – homeless, pregnant and lacking support and a positive environment. At Malta House, the staff and volunteers work daily to provide a nurturing home environment for young moms and children to find their place and their way.

Your contribution to Malta House ensures a young mother gains financial independence, emotional stability and healthy parenting skills. If the mother thrives, so does her child. Our community becomes stronger when its members are stronger.


  • Mothers become more resourceful, more resilient and receive guidance in parenting while providing for their children.
  • Young women are encouraged to complete their education, and they’re supported on their career path.
  • Children are safe and thriving as their parents are taught how to measure and improve their child’s development.
  • Families gain financial security as they become less dependent on state assistance.


Malta House is a private non-profit that not only provides a residence for vulnerable pregnant women, but also provides parenting, educational and life skills. Mothers have access to on-site child care while completing their education and securing meaningful employment.

Malta House seeks to expand its services by increasing the number of women and children it can serve. Help us share our Hope for Life!

There are many ways you can support Malta House:

  • Sponsor one of our events
  • Contribute to our Annual Appeal
  • Volunteer in our offices or in the nursery
  • Join us at our annual events!

To make a donation, volunteer, or for more information: or call us at 203-857-0088

We welcome your help in providing Hope for Life as our Malta House family continues to grow.